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Hiring the right auto window and home tinting company can be a tiring process. You always

Want to be sure that your pick is a perfect fit and is best suited to add some sense of privacy, elegance and comfort to your automobile or property. And that is exactly what we are about, commitment to providing you with the safest and most robust window tinting film for your automobile or commercial property.

Quality guaranteed

We use the best materials to assure you of the highest quality. If you would like to realize the best results out of your window tinting services, then we are the right experts to hire. We know Visalia in and out. The tint solutions we will apply will work well for the environment in California.

We offer the best tinting services. You can work with us to get the best automobile and home tinting services. Visalia Auto and Home Tint was started to make you enjoy the several benefits associated with home tinting services. You will reduce the penetration of UV lights into your house after the application of the tint. The tinting services also reduce the penetration of heat into your car or home. You can rely on the tinting services to have a conducive environment in your home or car. Here are some of the factors that make out company stand out:

Who we are and what we do

We are a tint solutions company. If you would like to realize the best results in your automotive or home tint, then we are here. Think of any tinting services; our experts are readily available to offer the best services. We are highly motivated to help you get the best results out of the tinting services.

Automobile Window tint

The best window tint can really transform the appearance of your car. Tinting the car windows protects light from getting into the car especially at night. Through the use of window tinting Film installed at the car window exterior or interior of glass surfaces, you can easily navigate through other vehicles at night without facing any distractions from external light. Therefore professional window tinting is one of the most ideal services you should seek to help you seal your car from external light distractions.

Commercial window Tint

Visalia auto and Home Tint offers exceptional Commercial window tinting installation services across Clovis and its surroundings. However, the cost of window film is determined by the quality of material you intend to use. Some of the areas Visalia auto and Home Tint focuses on in installing commercial window Tint include storefronts, private offices and even an entire building. Whether you need decorative window film, security window film or wall graphics, Visalia auto and home Tint has you covered.

Ceramic window Tint

Visalia auto and Home Tint has introduced installation of ceramic window Tint on automobiles. This is one of the most advanced and most sought window tint services among most clients in Clovis and CA areas. Known to have important health benefits to car users, ceramic window film blocks a considerable amount of dangerous UV rays from penetrating through the windows.

Typically, exposure to UV rays is attributed to developing wrinkles on the skin and even some type of skin cancer. Unlike other ordinary Tinting materials, ceramic window films withstand direct exposure to light for several years without changing their appearance. If you are wondering how to install the best window Tint material for your office or car, it’s high time you consult Visalia auto and home Tint to help you out.


Do you want to improve the appearance of your car? Visalia auto and Home Tint is a perfect choice for you. We roll out a number of detailing services to ensure we facelift your car or building to appear more appealing. Some aspects of our detailing services entail cleaning of exterior and interior areas of a car or building, carrying out minor repairs to improve appearance, surface polishing, interior vacuuming, washing and waxing the interiors and window cleaning.

Basically, professional detailing restores the appearance of a surface or car to appear as new. In this case, Visalia auto and Home Tint provides a wide range of detailing services to give your car or home a new outlook. Our professional car detailing team is always on standby to give your car a new touch. Whether you need paint correction, ceramic coating, paint protection Film commonly known as PPF, Leather trimming, steam cleaning, Brushing and scrubbing ,perfuming, vacuuming and glass cleaning, feel free to contact us.

Why choose Visalia Auto and Home Tint

Dedicated window tinting environment

We have a conducive workshop where we will prepare your car ready for the tint application. Dust and other environmental factors can affect the quality of the tint. The best experts ensure they apply the tint in an environment that is free from dust and wind.



We are the tint installation specialists in the area, and we only use the highest-quality products available.


Application of advanced tools

All our tinting services are handled by hand, but we still utilize the latest technology to ensure the end product is of the highest quality. Technology in the car tint scene has been improving. We are ready to apply the latest technology so that we will guarantee you the best results.

Experienced window tint technicians

Highly experienced technicians handle our car and home tinting services. They follow different steps to ensure the results are of the highest quality. There are several steps we take to ensure the tint is of the highest quality.


When you choose us, you can rest assured that you are working with industry experts with years of experience. For any vehicle, residential, or commercial tinting service, we always provide FREE ESTIMATES. We are delighted to provide a vast assortment of window films, with over 40 different types of materials in store at all times.  For any window tinting project, we’re sure to have the proper film and shade. Today, give us a call.

Window tinting, Visalia CA

Our quality assurance department ensures services rendered by Visalia Auto and home Tint meet client expectations. We guarantee you value for your money through not only offering professional tinting and detailing services but also complete tasks within the agreed time frame. Customer satisfaction remains a top priority in all our undertakings. Contact us now and experience exceptional services from the best industrial players in the installation of film Tints and detailing around Visalia and CA areas.