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Visalia Auto and Home Tint provide professional automotive window tinting services. As the best automotive window tint in Visalia, a fully authorized and insured automotive tint dealer, we carry the highest quality films. As your automotive window tint Visalia CA, we offer state-of-the-art installation using laser-cut films in Visalia and within a 20km radius. The automotive window tint film is perfect for enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and value. As a car owner, safety on the road is critical.

It would be best if you never drove when exhausted or intoxicated. Before overtaking another vehicle or switching lanes, you must check the mirrors. At night, avoid using high beams as they distract other drivers leading to an accident. These are some of the traffic rules every driver should observe to ensure safety and prevent accidents.


Our automotive window tint superior performance blocks 99% of the Sun’s UV rays. UV rays are harmful to you and your family, especially the children. They can accelerate skin aging and cause skin cancer. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause skin burns, premature aging, and darkening of the skin. Research shows that 53% of skin cancers in the US usually occur on the human body’s left side. This coincides with the driver’s side of the car.

To protect yourself and your family, tint your vehicle with our superior automotive window tinting products.

Extends Life of Your Upholstery

Keeping your car in excellent condition is key to maintaining its value and worth. Sadly, the heat of the Sun has damaging effects on your vehicle. When sunlight passes through your car windows, it beats down on your car upholstery and carpets. This results in fading.

Besides fading your car upholstery, the rays of the Sun can cause cracking on the dashboard and the steering wheel. The extreme heat can damage the airbags too. This is a significant safety concern.

Extend the life of your car upholstery and interior with our superior automotive window tint. Our window tint blocks 99% of the UV rays, retains warmth in the car in winter, and reduces the summer’s high temperature.

Enhance Your Safety

When driving on the road, the annoying glare from other vehicles and buildings can distract you on the road. In fact, when the extreme light hits your eyes, you’ll end up shielding them using your hands. Blocking your eyes prevents you from watching the road. This can lead to an accident.

Besides car accidents, extreme glare can cause other health issues. They include severe eye strain, visual and bodily discomfort, plus injury to your eyes. By choosing Visalia Auto and Home tint, we can enhance your safety on the road with our superior window tint automotive.

Multiple Shades

At Visalia Auto and Home tint, we offer multiple shades of our automotive window tint. We can help you choose the right automotive window tint colors for your needs. Depending on where you drive, the right shade can enhance your privacy and security.

Our automotive window tint is 100% non-conductive and non-metallic. As such, it’s non-reflective. This ensures that signals don’t get interrupted when using your GPS, smartphone, and other equipment in your vehicle.

Best Warranty

Visalia Auto and Home tint automotive window tints are backed by lifetime warranties. Designed to last, our window tints are durable and maintenance-free. Visalia Auto and Home tint is an authorized dealer and installer of 3M and Llumar films. We offer color stable and ceramic window tint film with best in class heat rejection and UV protection.

Automotive window tint Visalia Ca

Looking for the best automotive window tint for your car? We provide quality automotive window tint for all makes and models. Our factory-certified installers can help you find the exact window tint for your needs. Whether you want to enhance your security, safety, and comfort or improve your vehicle’s appearance, Visalia Auto and Home tint is here to help.

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