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Visalia Auto and Home Tint is a window tinting company based in Visalia, CA. We are pleased to offer car detailing in Visalia CA services because we understand how important your vehicle appearance is to your personal and professional image.

It’s no secret that accumulated dirt, dust, and debris can lead to a wide variety of preventable car problems. Failing to clean your car regularly will lead to gunk and dirt getting stuck around small cracks and car parts. Gunk and dirt retain moisture leading to corrosion because most car parts are metallic.

Dirt is also abrasive and can damage the paintwork. With time, it can eat away at your car’s clear coat. This can lead to additional problems such as fading and pitting. To prevent these issues, we recommend having your car detailed every four to six months. But the more you have it done, the better condition your vehicle will be in.

car detailing in Visalia
Our Car Detailing Packages
Exterior Detailing

Exterior car detailing goes beyond the normal car wash. Unlike the standard car wash, exterior auto detailing does not involve using an automated system to clean the vehicle. Instead, our experienced specialists will hand wash the exterior of your car, making the car gleam. They will also help to minimize surface scratches.


Exterior auto detailing involves spraying the car with a specialized spray. The high powered spray is always followed by thorough hand washing on the door jambs, car rims, and other exterior parts. To remove impurities and other residues, our experts will use a clay bar.


To give your vehicle a glossy shine, our specialists will polish and apply sealant. In some cases, we may use wax.

Engine Detailing

The engine is the most important part of your car. When it runs efficiently, there is less energy waste, which ensures superior performance for your vehicle. At Visalia Auto and Home Tint, we offer engine detailing services.

With our level of expertise and dedication, we will clean your engine’s exterior plus the engine compartment. We will also apply a dressing to beautify and protect your engine.

Interior Detailing

A dirty vehicle cabin is a danger to your health. Researchers have proven that a dirty vehicle cabin is a breeding ground for bacteria and deadly germs such as bacillus cereus and e coli. These deadly germs are on the gear knob, car mats, door handles, steering wheel, and under the seats. Besides health problems, a dirty vehicle cabin can cause operational issues.


At Visalia Auto and Home Tint, our experts will clean the interior of your car. They’ll use different techniques such as vacuuming and steam cleaning. They’ll vacuum the headliners, seats, under the seats, floor mats, and other areas. For hard to reach places, our specialists will use an air compressor.


Steam cleaning helps to remove deeply seated dirt, stains, and blemishes. Before cleaning the car carpet, mat and seats, they’ll do a thorough scrubbing. For leather seats, our experts will use a leather cleaner, leather, and saddle soaps. To make cleaning more efficient, we will use a conditioner for leather seats.


We always complete the detailing by vacuuming and perfuming your car.

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Do you want your vehicle to look sparkling clean, interior and exterior? Call us at (559) 384-2558 to book an appointment.