Ceramic window tint in Visalia Ca

what is ceramic window tint

Ceramic window tint is the highest quality of tint film. It contains no metal-carbon and dye. Instead, it has a coating of ceramic nanoparticles that are non-metallic and 100% non-conductive. Visalia Auto and Home Tint provide ceramic window tint services in Visalia, CA, and the surrounding areas.


All our ceramic window tints are 100% color stable and will not delaminate or bubble. They offer outstanding optical clarity and will turn your car windows into a showcase. Our window tints are the next evolution in high text UV protections for SUVs, sedans, and trucks.

Why Choose Visalia Auto and Home Tint Ceramic Window Tint

Protects Your Privacy

Tinting your car windows is the best way to enhance security and protect your privacy. Ceramic window tints help to stop thieves from identifying your vehicle. This is because they are unable to see what’s inside your car.


If potential thieves cannot see your possessions and valuables, then they won’t steal from you. Our ceramic car window tint is available in different shades – 5%, 20%, 35%, 50% and 70%. Stylish and signal friendly, it will deter anyone from breaking in or jacking your car.


Along with enhanced privacy and security, our ceramic window tint protects you and your passengers from injury. In the event of an accident, shards of glass can cause harm. Our ceramic window tint film keeps the glass from shattering in the event of an accident.

Cooler Interior

At Visalia Auto and Home Tint, we offer ceramic tints that cut solar heat by 45% to 55%. Infrared rays are why we feel the solar heat. By blocking 50% or more of the infrared rays from coming in, your vehicle’s interior temperature decreases. This keeps your vehicle interior cool, especially in summer.


Besides keeping the interior of your vehicle cool, our ceramic window tint also saves you money and energy. This is because you don’t have to run your A/C often. This puts less strain on your gas tank, engine, and wallet.

Protects You and Your Family

Ceramic window tint Visalia CA cuts 45% to 50% of the solar heat in the form of infrared. In fact, it surpasses other types of tint in resisting fading and glare. High-performance ceramic tint from Visalia Auto and Home Tint can change the level of tint shade. This is usually based on the amount of Sun.

Sun glare is annoying. Not only can it lead to eye strain, but it increases the risk of an accident from being unable to see oncoming traffic properly. Our ceramic window tint can help you stay safe on the road. It can reduce sun glare by more than 50%. This makes it easier for you to see while driving. Our ceramic window tint is most effective in blocking the UV rays. According to the American Cancer Society, UV rays contribute to skin cancer, sunburn, and other skin problems. Our window tint ceramic is treated with state of the art nano-ceramic technology and blocks 99% of UV rays. This increases its capability to reject UV rays and protect you and your family.

The ceramic window tint cost is a bit more expensive than other films. But Visalia Auto and Home Tint quality installation makes the investment worth it. Tinting your car with a ceramic film made up of tiny nano-ceramic particles means it can withstand rocks, criminals, and more. When you choose Visalia Auto and Home Tint ceramic tint, you’ll experience enhanced security and privacy.

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