Commercial window tint in Visalia Ca

Commercial Window Tint in Visalia

At Visalia Auto and Home Tint, we offer a complete line of commercial window films to enhance your privacy and energy savings. We supply security film, window tint, decorative and graphic films.


Based in Visalia, CA, we have provided safety and security film solutions to hundreds of satisfied commercial customers. We cater to commercial customers looking to improve their offices’ security and occupant comfort. Besides enhancing privacy and safety for your offices, we also improve your corporate image.


We are an authorized dealer of 3M and LLumar Windows films and a distributor of window films. At Visalia Auto and Home Tint, we offer innovative products, expert installation, and consulting. By dealing with our certified team, you can feel confident that you’ll receive the highest quality products and services.


We offer professional onsite demonstrations to help you select the right film for your glass environment. Our team is well equipped to assess your site professionally and complete film installation fast and efficient.

Commercial Window Film Solutions

Decorative Window Films

Bring your office space to life with Visalia Auto and Home Tint decorative window films. We offer a sleek range of decorative films that will enhance your corporate image and ambiance in the office.


For interior glass partitions, our commercial window tinting Visalia CA products offer an opportunity to create beautiful working spaces. We also provide specialized designs with company logos that add a personal touch to your interior space.


Frosted window films are a great way to enhance privacy in commercial environments. Instead of the same old window shade, curtains or blinds, frosted window films can add a bold new look and maintain privacy in the offices.


At Visalia Auto and Home Tint, we have unlimited computer cut designs and colored films that will add an air of sophistication to your offices.

Solar Window Films

We stock a wide range of solar window films. Each film has a unique appearance and can help regulate temperature and heat. Untreated windows allow visible light, UV light, and solar energy. When we treat your office windows with solar films, we block 95% of visible light, 79% of solar energy, and 99% of UV rays.


When the rays of Sunshine through your glazed office windows, excess heat occurs. Our solar window films help to reduce the build-up of heat by 80%. They have reflective properties that reflect the Sun’s energy before it enters your office building. This makes Visalia Auto and Home Tint solar films an effective choice that enhances comfort and reduces the need to run an AC, saving you money.


Intense solar heat and glare from the Sun coming through the office windows can make working conditions unbearable. Also, it’s hard for you or your employees to focus on your computer screens. The solar heat can increase costs because you have to run the air conditioner all day.


Our solar window films have reflective properties that reduce the annoying glare. Also, they protect your furniture and fittings from UV damage.

Safety Window Films

Our safety films will enhance security and protect your commercial premises from vandalism and theft. They can enhance security by limiting what potential thieves see through your windows. Our window films also allow natural light to pass and strengthen your windows, making it hard to break.


Our safety and security films are available in a range of thicknesses and finishes for interior and exterior. Trust us for high quality commercial window tint film solutions.

Commercial Window Tint in Visalia

Looking for a company that offers a complete line of commercial window tint in visalia and expert installation? At Visalia Auto and Home Tint, we can provide your offices or store with a fresh and amazing new look. Our commercial window tint and films are a fusion of aesthetics and performance to deliver privacy and comfort all year round.

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